Monday, February 23, 2009

Tickets for India vs New Zealand 2009 cricket

Online tickets for New Zealand Vs India series 2009 are available here

The schedule:

NZ vs India - Wednesday 25 February 2009 - Christchurch
NZ vs India - Friday 27 February 2009 - Wellington

One Day Internationals
NZ vs India - Tuesday 3 March 2009 - Napier
NZ vs India - Friday 6 March - Wellington
NZ vs India - Sunday 8 March - Christchurch
NZ vs India - Wednesday 11 March 2009 - Hamilton
NZ vs India - Saturday 14 March 2009 - Auckland

NZ vs India - 18 -22 March 2009 - Hamilton
NZ vs India - 26- 30 March 2009 - Napier
NZ vs India - 3 - 7 April 2009 - Wellington

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blank page on blogger main page - blogger tip

Last day when I was posting a new entry on my bash scripting blog , I just got surprised when after publishing the post and navigating to the main page (from View Blog link) saw a blank page. I refreshed and its the same luck. Damn!! what I did.

I was a bit confused as the old posts were still listed on the sidebar, and there when I click on them. But in the main page, it was a blank page.

What I did ?

I just went to customized -> Posting -> Edit Posts tab and then edited the latest post and just did "Publish Post" without changing anything and this made my posts on homepage appear again.

Not sure if this trick helped me to get my main page again, or something happened just by luck. You can give a try ...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Iron maiden Bangalore 2009 tickets online

So Maiden is going to rock again in Bangalore, India.
Its on Sun 15th Feb' 2009 - Rock In India concert, Palace Ground, Bangalore.

Online tickets are available in DNA network official site click here

And the list of outlets where the tickets are available in Bangalore is here

Other bands thats going to perform in the concert are:

Brandon Ashley & the Silver Bugs