Sunday, June 21, 2009

Union Bank 2009 recruitment details - 890 vacancies

Union Bank of India, one of India's leading Pan-India Listed public sector Bank is going to recruit for total 890 posts in different categories.

In brief:

Last Date For Receipt Of Applications: 11.07.2009
Last Date For Receipt Of Applications From Remote Areas: 18.07.2009

Post (number of posts)
  • Senior Manager (50)
  • Manager (100)
  • Manager (Risk Management) (15)
  • Manager – Forex,
  • Integrated Treasury & CMS (50)
  • Manager (Information Technology) (75)
  • Manager (Technical ) (50)
  • Assistant Manager (Personnel) (25)
  • Assistant Manager (Law ) (25)
  • Assistant Manager (Rural Development ) (300)
  • Assistant Manager (Marketing) (200)
The details can be found in this pdf document. All the best.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dice nice illusion - funny picture

Got confused over the triangle ?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Funny solution to unhappy employees

Policy Change - Solution to unhappy employees

Thursday, June 11, 2009

List all posts in blogger feed url

Default feed url such as or is not going to list all the posts in your blog.

To do so add the following query string at the end of the above urls


will list first 500 blog posts from your blog.


Replace "all-mixed" with your blog name above.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

UNIX consultant - very funny conversation

** Only for UNIX users.

Need a little UNIX help?

Customer: What is the command that will tell me the revision code of a program ?

UNIX consultant: Yes, that's correct.

Customer: No, what is it ?

UNIX consultant: Yes.

Customer: So, which is the one ?

UNIX consultant: No. 'which' is used to find the program.

Customer: Stop this. Who are you ?

UNIX consultant: Use 'who am i' not 'who r yoo'. You can also 'finger yoo' to get information about yoo'.

Customer: All I want to know is what finds the revision code ?

UNIX consultant: Use 'what'.

Customer: That's what I am trying to find out. Isn't that true ?

UNIX consultant: No. 'true' gives you 0.

Customer: Which one ?

UNIX consultant: 'true' gives you 0. 'which programname'

Customer: Let's get back to my problem. What program? How do I find it?

UNIX consultant: Type 'find / -name it -print' to find 'it'. Type 'what program' to get the revision code.

Customer: I want to find the revision code.

UNIX consultant: You can't 'find revisioncode', you must use 'what program'

Customer: Which command will do what I need?

UNIX consultant: No. 'which command' will find 'command'.

Customer: I think I understand. Let me write that.

UNIX consultant: You can 'write that' only if 'that' is a user on your system.

Customer: Write what?

UNIX consultant: No. 'write that'. 'what program'.

Customer: Cut that out!

UNIX consultant: Yes. those are valid files for 'cut'. Don't forget the options.

Customer: Do you always do this ?

UNIX consultant: 'du' will give you disk usage.

Customer: HELP!

UNIX consultant: 'help' is only used for Source Code Control System (SCCS).

Customer: You make me angry.

UNIX consultant: No, I don't 'make me' angry but I did 'make programname' when I was upset once.

Customer: I don't want to make trouble, so no more.

UNIX consultant: No 'more'? 'which' will help you find 'more'. Every system has 'more'.

Customer: Nice help! I'm confused more now!

UNIX consultant: Understand that since 'help' is such a small program, it is better not to 'nice help'. and 'more now' is not allowed but 'at now' is. Unless, of course, 'now' is a file name.

Customer: This is almost as confusing as my PC.

UNIX consultant: I didn't know you needed help with 'pc'. Let me get you to the Pascal Compiler team.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

BSNL JTO exam sample question paper

Sharing some of important bookmarks for sample question papers of JTO(Junior Telecom Officers) exam for BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd)

And a lot of question papers from freshersworld

Feel free to add (in the comment section) any more link that might be useful for the candidates.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Axis bank phone banking numbers in India

AXIS bank phone banking numbers of India can be found here


AXIS bank branch locator
AXIS bank ATM locator
AXIS bank tax centers