Sunday, December 6, 2009

Watch 'Out of Bounds' play at Bangalore

'Out of Bounds' is a world famed play; is a Feroz Abbas Khan production, directed by Tina Johnson, written and performed by powerhouse Rajesh Gopie.

Bangaloreans have this opportunity to watch it at Good Shepherd auditorium at 7 PM, December 14th 2009.

Update on ticket details still awaited.

'Out Of Bounds' in brief:
Out of Bounds, a one man play, is set in 1980s South Africa. It tells the story of Lal, a young boy growing up in Inanda and Phoenix, where he lives with his parents, brothers and sisters, cousins, grandmother, uncles and aunts - all under one roof. All Lal longs for is a room to himself, and privacy